This is a page dedicated to awards! i'll show off the awards i've won, but also the awards i give out to people!
yes, you read that right, you can win awards! what are those? read the information bellow!

Instructions on how to win an award can be found at the bottom of this page!

if you want to see the awards i've won, click on this nice dog!

"Citizen of the web" award

Being a good web citizen is very important. The fact that you took the time to interact with my website means a lot to me! and you deserve an award for that.
difficulty level: normal

"Great website" award

Great websites make my day! seeing interesting, cute, well made and/or cool things online can really make one's day a little bit better, and your website does just that!
difficulty level: medium

"Excellent website" award

Your website is simply excellent! it's definitely above the average. Whether it is because of its content, its design, graphics, vibe or concept, your site stands tall as one of the best out there, in my opinion.
difficulty level: very hard

"Artistic talent" award, for sites with original art

You are a great artist! your art made my day a little bit better. You have an amazing gift, and i'm glad you chose to share it with the world through your website
difficulty level: medium/hard

"Time eater" award, for interactive sites

Your site has a lot of cool things to do! whether it's nice lists and things to read, small minigames, lots of sub-pages or nice exploration pages, your site kept me busy for a nice couple of minutes!
difficulty level: medium/hard

"Inspiration" award, for sites that inspire me

Not gonna lie, i wish my website was a little bit like yours... Your site inspires me to become better at making websites, and i'll definitely keep coming back to it when i need to see beautiful sites.
difficulty level: medium/hard

"Graphic angel" award, for sites with great graphics

Getting the right graphics is a key aspect of building your website, and you're great at it! your website has the best graphics, and you use them in a very nice way to build your own aesthetic.
difficulty level: medium/hard

People who have won my awards: official list:

DISCLAIMER: due to a recent incident, i feel the need to state this: If i give a site an award, it's because i liked it AT THE TIME. If a site, once given an award, later changes to include hateful/bad/harmful content of any kind, but i still feature it on this list, it's probably because i haven't checked it in a while.
Please feel free to contact me and inform me of said changes if you happen to catch them!

Citizen of the web award Squid Key (4-11-2020) Wurmple (24-06-2021) Wind (14-02-2022) Bonki (23-05-2023)
Great website award Bill Fox Eggy (21-06-2021)
Excellent website award Lu (27-11-2020)
Artistic talent award Nick Chris (28-10-2020) Skookz (21-06-2021) Pupi (21-10-2021)
Time eater award no one yet...
Inspiration award Kei MarshmelloSUCKS (27-10-2020)
Graphic angel award Scerika

How to win an award:

There are two ways to win one of my awards:

The easiest way is to contact me (you can find all the ways to contact me on the "contact me" page, of course), tell me you'd like to apply for an award, give me your name, and link me to your site. After you've done that, i'll check your site out, and let you know what award you won! don't be scared, you're probably gonna win at least one. You can't nominate yourself for a specific award, rather, you nominate your whole page, and i decide which one you'll win! It's fun!

The second way to win an award is if i give it to you directly, without being nominated. This happens whenever i look around on neocities and find a site that deserves one of my awards.