Beanie babies are a classic of the 90's, so naturally, i love them!
I found my love for beanie babies in the summer of 2020, when i found the Princess Diana beanie baby at a fair when i was on vacation at the beach. I didn't know anything about them other than the fact that that specific bear was very rare. My brother got it, and we spent the rest of our nights on the beach trying to find more rare beanie babies around. We spent some money, a lot of time and energy, but we all managed to grab at least one beanie baby we liked.

Something i really like about beanie babies is how much personality they have. They all look relatively similar (at least the bear-ones do) but they still manage to have their own vibe and story to them.
Now, these are the beanie babies i own!

Millennium The Bear!

"Millennium the Beanie Baby
commemorates a once in a lifetime event,
making it a once in a lifetime Beanie Baby!"

Goatee The Goat!

"Though she's hungry, she's in a good mood
searching through garbahe, tin cans for food
for goatee the goat, it's not a big deal
anything at all makes a fine meal!"

TY2K The Bear!

"Red, yellow, green and blue
let's have some fun me and you
so join the party, and let's all say
"happy new millennium", from Ty 2K!

Crunch The Shark!

"What's for breakfast? what's for lunch?
yum! delicious! munch, munch, munch!
he's eating everything by the bunch
that's the reason whe named him Crunch!"