Hello! My name is Pedro, or Pete, whichever you prefer. Born, raised and currently living in Chile.

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You're now listening to a house mix i made!

My main interests are music and art. More specifically, experimental music and conceptual art. I have a big soft spot for ambient and bedroom-produced music. Some of my fav musicians are Mark Kozelek (and all of his projects), Oneohtrix Point Never, Julianna Barwick, Bjork, The Gerogerigegege, Nadia Oh, among others. I'm more of an album-listener rather than an artist-follower. Check my RateYourMusic profile if you wanna know more about my taste!

I'm also a furry, and that's both a big deal and not a big deal. My approach to the fandom is mostly just aesthetic, i really love furry art and most (if not all) of my friends are somehow related to the furry world. So, in that regard, this is a vital part of my life. But at the same time, i'm not really involved in the "fandom" aspects of it, i don't really keep up with what's up in the furry-online-sphere as a whole. I'm just here for the art and the good friends you can make along the way. When you share such a specific interest with others, it's way easier to make better, healthier, and longer friendships. And You Can Take That To The Bank, Boys.

Irl, i studied international gastronomy, and i'm mostly interested in pastries and baked goods. Eventually, i'd love to own a nice little bakery. I'm currently waiting to do my internship, and after that i'll start getting the paperwork done to start that bakery. I make stupidly good cookies and brownies, so get ready cuz they will rock your ass off.

Some other interests of mine include, but are not limited to: Nature, witchcraft (more specifically neo-paganism), rustic style decoration and architecture, mountains, forests, rivers, meditation, "golden hour" vibes, physical music formats like vinyl, CDs and cassettes, queer activism and history, minimalism, the tiny house movement, simple-living, van life, photography, abstract impressionism, pastries and baked goods, retro videogames (specially for the Game Boy Advance), 90's online aesthetic... the list really goes on and on.

I make music! my main musical project is called "Agate Flow", and i make experimental ambient under that name. Here's a link to Agate Flow's twitter account if you want to be kept up-to-date! I have another project that i haven't really touched in a while, called "Naissance". It's ambient, slightly less experimental and more focused on positivity and maybe even a slightly new-age-y approach.Here's a link to the Naissance's bandcamp page! I have a lot of other small musical projects scattered around the internet, but i don't want to link them all up. I do a lot of music-related things online, like administrating collectives and labels (most notoriously right now 7FORM, Here's a link to 7form's bandcamp page! ), curation in general, graphic design, among other things.

I make art as well! i write poetry, do graphic design and illustration. Don't really have a lot to show on that regard, i'm keeping most of my art to myself as of right now. But i do have a lot of material up my sleeve so i might fuck around and make a website or sell some zines and prints in the future.

I'm a gendernonconforming man, which means that even though i do identify as a man, i don't identify with the way society dictates a man should feel like, be like, act like, look like, behave like or think like, and my discomfort/dissonance with society's expectations of gender is so big that i have to make this distinction and call myself a GNC man, and not "just" a man. I go by he/him pronouns!

I'm also queer, and that's so far the best way to describe my sexuality. I've used many labels in the past, and what comes closer to how i feel, other than queer, would have to be demisexual, but "queer" is definitely the term i'm most comfortable with.

Politically speaking, i'm definitely on the left side of things. I wish i could talk more about politics, but that's sadly not an area i'm super highly educated in. If i educate myself on Chilean issues, then i'm left out of online-discussions of politics, and if i educate myself on global politics, i'm left out of chilean-discussions. So it's sadly a lose/lose situation, which has left me to just dabble a little bit on both global issues and chilean issues, mostly because of a lack of time to be Super into both of these sides.

There's definitely more to Me than just what you've read here, and i'd definitely be happy to tell you more if you think we might hit it off.

Oh yeah baby!