Hello! here's some more in-depth information about me, in case you're curious!

a pete!

So! my name is Pete! I'm an artist and musician from Chile. I'm a furry, i try to be funny online and do as much creative work as i can. That's the gist of it! if you want more info though..... Keep on reading brother.....

I'm an artist, and as cheesy as it may sound, i've been one for most of my life. I started making art when i was about 11 years old, delving first into digital photography, hastily put together and thrown online. I've explored different media throughout my life, such as illustration, graphic design, performance, conceptual art, poetry, dance, analog photography, among others. My current prefered medium is painting, and my subject matter more often than not deals with inner realities and the subconscious. That's a big blanket statement but it's the closest i have to a good explanation as to what exactly i paint. "Abstract expressionism"is a similarly good blanket statement, though i fuck with figuration from time to time. I paint furries sometimes, i paint traumatic events sometimes, i paint beautiful life events sometimes. It varies, as does life..... I do consider myself a "furry artist". I've painted the fandom and my life through it as well as my life outside of it, both in explicit and implicit ways. Can't take the dog out of the painter, though both the dog and the painter have rich internal lives outside and inside art and fandom life.

Another big creative output of mine is the Door gallery. It is an online magazine / art gallery / music label i created in 2018, and it serves as a hub for many things, as you can imagine. I write articles, curate exhibitions and collections, publish music and interview people. I am the administrator, creator, creative director, curator and a part of the writing team. One of my proudest moments was interviewing Togepi1125! that was so wild and fun to do..... a pete!

I'm also a musician! I've been making music since i was about 13 years old, and my output has remained experimental for most of my discography. Ambient and noise are my go-to ways of working, though in the past i've made plunderphonics, EAI, folk, primitivism, spoken word, chiptune, chillwave, vaporwave, netband, drone, sound collage, among many many other genres.
I've collaborated with many different musicians through my discography, and i've been a member of different collectives and an administrator for different music labels throughout the years. I have many different aliases too, though it's fun to keep those a mystery. I also DJ sometimes, while wearing my fursuit. That's fun as hell.

Speaking of that... I'm a furry, and i'm (actually) proud to say that i've been one for most of my life. I must've started IDing as a furry when i was 12-13! The fandom is a big part of my life, as i've met all of my most important friends through this interest. I've discovered many things about myself through being a furry, and i can very safely say i wouldn't be here if not for the influence the furry fandom has had in my life. My fursona is a blue dog and i'm proud to be yet another one of those. Though i'm fluffier and cooler. I have a fursuit and i honestly go quite deep into my character / fursona when wearing that thing. Is that a sign of me potentially being "An Actual Dog"? maybe! i don't know! i don't think too much about that! moving on!

Some other interests of mine..... rapid fire round: conceptual art, minimalism as a lifestyle, new-age beliefs (in moderation), fashion, baking, perfumery, conscious living, meditation, rustic aesthetics, the LGBTQ+ community, the furry fandom, RuPaul's Drag Race, UNHhhh, oldschool web design (as made apparent by this website), wellness, nature..... the list goes on, as does life..... a pete!

I currently work as a pastry chef. I own a micro-bakery here in Chile, and i mostly make baked goods for independent clients. Brownies and cookies are the things i sell the most of, though i also make bread, cakes and other pastries. I went to culinary school, and i have a degree in international gastronomy.

I'm queer! this means anything and everything. Do with that info what you will. I'm also a guy, he/him pronouns only. Gender non-conforming for sure, though i now see this as instrinsic to the way i experience gender in general, so i worry less about labels when it comes to that, or anything for that matter. I'm polyamorous and i'm in love with two amazing men. I married one in late 2023 and i'm marrying the other one soon.

There's definitely more to "me" than this, but i hope this gives you a good idea as to who i am and what i'm about!

Now go check the cool stuff my site has to offer!

See you around!