Hello! here's some more in-depth information about me, in case you're curious!

a pete!

So, my name is Pedro, or Pete, whichever you prefer! To get some basics out of the way, i was born, raised and am currently living in Chile. I speak native spanish and fluent english, as well as basic culinary french. I was born in 1999 (September 10th, go buy me something!), and this is my personal website! I wanted to make myself a cozy space in the web, a place where people could learn a bit about me, but also find cool and fun things to do! I love making friends, so feel free to contact me if you'd like to talk!

Now to get to some specifics...
Some of my interests are experimental music, conceptual art, the furry fandom, late 90's-early-2000s internet culture, baked goods, nature, witchcraft (neo paganism, herbalism, etc), rustic aesthetic, the tiny house movement, nature, and music-collecting, among many others!

I'm a musician, more specifically, i make experimental electronic music, under the name Agate Flow, as well as some other names. For the most part i make ambient music with noise elements, but i've made a lot of music throughout the years including chillwave, vaporwave, plunderphonics, electroaccoustic, folk, spoken word, new age, nightcore, chiptune, netband... A lot of stuff!

a pete! I'm a furry, and this is kind of a big deal, but at the same time it isn't... It's kinda hard to explain. I've been a furry since about 2012, so this interest has been a part of my life for a long time now. Most (if not all) of my friends are furries or are somehow related to/interested in the fandom, so it has also made a big impact in the way i socialize online. So in this regard, it's definitely something important. However, i don't really partake in the "fandom" aspects too much, i don't keep up with content creators, conventions or trends, i just mind my own business, to be honest! i follow furry artists, have a fursona and some OCs, and that's pretty much it when it comes to the "fandom" aspects of being a furry. This interest is still something i hold very dear to my heart though.

I'm also an artist, and this means many things. I started with photography at age 12, later working with local collectives and making exhibits of my work with them, as well as keeping it online on deviantart. Over the years found myself interested in other art forms besides photography, such as poetry, graphic design, illustration, visual art, conceptual art, performance art and collage, as well as other things.

a pete! IRL, i studied international cuisine, and work as a freelance baker. Right now i work on a small scale, but soon i'll work with local coffeehouses, providing them with baked goods like cookies, brownies, donuts, breads, candies and other things. I am pretty much exclusively interested in baking rather than cooking. I like the fact that you have to be very precise in baking, it feels like a science, but a science i actually understand! unlike chemistry or biology back in highschool...

I am a gender non-conforming man, which means that even though i identify as a man, i don't identify with the way society dictates a man should feel like, be like, look like, behave like or think like, and my discomfort/dissonance with society's expectations of gender is so big that i have to make this distinction and call myself a GNC man, and not "just" a man. I go by he/him pronouns!

In regards to my sexuality, i'm queer, and to me that means that i pretty much like whoever i like. I acknowledge my feelings but i also disregard society's need to put sexuality in a box. If that's your thing however, go for it! it definitely can help some folks, but that's just not for me.

There's definitely more to me than just what you've read here, and i'd definitely be happy to tell you more if you think we might hit it off!

Now go check the cool stuff my site has to offer!

See you around!