Here are some cool websites i often visit!
I just wanted to put all of these somewhere so that other people could access them and enjoy them too!

Oocities: A page dedicated to archiving old geocities pages! this one is particularly great cuz you can search by theme really fast!

Paletton: A great resource to generate tons of palletes that always look great!

The library of Babel: Probably one of the most amazing sites out there... it contains all possible combinations of letters, so potentially, all the knowledge in the world is in here!

W3schools: A great site where you can learn the basics of HTML! I learnt most of what i know here!

Vogue's runway archive: If you like fashion, you'll love this! it's an archive with runways dating many years back!

The Scale of the Universe: An interactive flash game where you can see the real size of things in the universe, starting from the smallest possible thing in the physical world, to the biggest known thing.

Ed Edd n Eddy Candy Machine Deluxe: An online game i used to play a lot as a kid! i found it again, so i thought i should add it here as well!

Ryan Trecartin's vimeo: A vimeo account where Ryan Trecartin uploads many of his movies! if you like experimental cinema, this is for you!

Google Fonts:A great site full of cool fonts you can test out!