I do tarot readings online!
I've been told i'm very good by many people, i think i'm good too!
I use a major arcana deck that i made myself, i'm really proud of it... I've learnt to listen to my cards and i've formed a very personal relationship with them, so i'm very confident in my habilities to give other people readings.

Now, how do i do a tarot reading through the internet? it's very simple!
1) You contact me, and ask for a tarot reading (you can find my contact information on my "contact me" page!)
2) You tell me what kind of reading you'd like (more information below)
3) You tell me your name, what you'd like to ask specifically (i can guide you if you're not sure about what you want!)
4) You pay me via PayPal (prices bellow!)
5) I start the reading! it usually takes me about 10-15 minutes to ask my deck your question. I write a nice text describing what the cards are telling me and how that relates to your question, and i send you this text via whatever source we're communicating in.

Now, what kinds of readings do i do? I like to work with two:
1) An in-depth one-card question for $5 US dollars
2) A three-card, past-present-future spread, for $10 US Dollars
The first option is the best if you want a quick answer to a question. Some examples are: How should i prepare for this job interview? will this date go well? what should i do on my first day of college? will my relationship with my parents be better soon?
And when it comes to the three card spread, you can ask about more broad themes, such as love, money, family matters, situations with your partner or friends, about your work life, among other things. I'll give you a reading detailing how your past, present and future look like.
Tips are highly appreciated!

Please check my contact information on my "Contact me" page so we can schedule a reading! i'd love to give you one! plus, i really need the money...