Ferzu, if you don't know, is a social media platform for furries.
It actually had its start as a dating app, but most users don't use it with that purpose. I like to describe it as a mixture between twitter and facebook. There's a feed where you see the posts of all users, and you can add people as friends and message them.
Now, since this is a furry-oriented social media site, needless to say i've seen a lot of weird stuff being posted.

This is a collection of only some of the weird things i've seen on the site.

I've been a ferzu user for about 4 years now, and even though it's a weirdass place, i met one of my best friends there, i've gotten a lot of free art from generous artists, and i've even made some money with my tarot readings! it's definitely a good place to be in if you know how to curate your experience.

This page is 18+!!!

On this page you might see some NSFW content. Nothing awfully explicit, but still proceed with caution.
And if you're a minor, GET OUT!!!
With that out of the way, let's see what ferzu can be like on its... weird side.